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Long Live Clothes

Long live clothes. Clothes are more than just clothes. They have power and we love them. We know how important it is to make those beloved items last.

Person dressed in a suit looking confidently
The Key to Dressing Confidently
Person looking through wardrobe
A Guide On The Best Way To Store Clothes
Colourful clothing and people
The Psychology Behind Clothing
People wearing stylish clothing
Identify Your Fashion Style With Our Tips And Tricks
Person standing in front of green lockers
What Does Fabric Conditioner Do?
Woman wearing woollen items
Types of Wool
Different types of cotton clothing
Types of Cotton
Clothing against a pink background
Types of Fabric
Girl wearing orange silk on an orange background
The Special Properties of Silk
Pink woven fabric
Woven Fabric Types
Woman smiling in lace
Types of Lace
Woman wearing flax with a purple bag on a yellow background
What is Flax Fabric?
Woman thinking against a pink background
What is Polyester
Woman wearing red silk dress
How to Wash Silk
Woman wearing grey sweatshirt
How to Wash Cashmere
Woman wearing pink faux fur
What is Faux Fur
Woman wearing denim with blue roses
It's All in the Jeans
Linen and lavender
The Different Types of Linen
Person folding clothes
The KonMari Folding
Jeans with DIY patches added to the pockets
Master your DIY Clothes
Yellow clothing on hangers
Damp Smell in Wardrobe?
Jeans cut into shorts
What to do With Old Jeans?
Fleeces on a hanger
What is Fleece?
Person wearing a colourful leather jacket
The Jacket Care Guide
Two people in front of green lockers
Why Use Fabric Conditioner?