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About Comfort

Clothes are more than just clothes. They have power and we love them. We know how important it is to make those beloved items last.

We love all clothes. We care for all clothes.

The old and new, homemade and store bought, branded, unbranded, crafted, mended, vintage, recycled, swapped, borrowed, and inherited.

Because clothes are more than just fabric. They tell stories about our identity and culture – they carry our memories.

Our products add life back to ...

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The Slow Fashion Revolution - Are You In?

Do you love your clothes, or do you love buying new clothes? That’s the question everyone in the slow fashion revolution is asking.

The power of slow sustainable fashion

The fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, and ‘fast fashion’ is part of the problem. But what is fast fashion, exactly? Fast fashion encourages us to buy more and more often, with a devastating cost to the environment.

Clothing trends seem to burn twice as hot for ha...

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