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Comfort Ultimate Care with Pro-Fibre™ Technology

Introducing our new Ultimate Care range...
  • Pro-Fibre™ is made from plants (wheat protein)
  • Suitable for both synthetic and natural fabrics, including wool and silk
  • Bottle is made from 100% recycled* plastic and is 100% recyclable**
  • The ultra concentrated formulation means a water saving of 275 million litres*** and a 38% plastic reduction per consumer use (vs regular fabric conditioners)

NEW Comfort Ultimate Care goes beyond normal fabric conditioners to protect clothes from damage with the inclusion of our Pro-Fibre™ technology, something you’ll only find in Comfort Ultimate Care. ​

Discover just what Pro-Fibre™ in Comfort Ultimate Care can do to your clothes here. 

Colour Protection

Have a fair few black clothes in your wardrobe? Notice how black jeans love to fade quickly? Pro-Fibre™ technology maintains colour vibrancy and vividness (and not just black, all colours!) – just look at these jeans after 15 washes. 

Shape Protection​

Your favourite t-shirt losing its shape in the wash. Nightmare! Embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Even more of a nightmare!  ​

Pro-Fibre™ technology forms a protective, flexible network around fibres that prevents them from shrinking in the wash. Simply put, it preserves your t-shirt’s shape, and protect your modesty too. This picture was after 7 washes. 

Print Protection

Has the print cracked and faded on your much-loved band t-shirt or logo’d garm after just a few washes? ​

This t-shirt has been washed 20 times and you can see how it still looks just like new, thanks to Comfort Ultimate Care. 

Fibre Protection​

Delicate woollen garments are tricky to care for because they start to form little balls of fluff on the surface known as bobbles. While you can use razors and defuzzers to remove the bobbles, there’s a good chance you’ll damage the fabric and make them look thin and threadbare. Stopping the bobbles forming is the name of the game. 

This wool jumper has been washed 7 times, and the Pro-Fibre™ in Comfort Ultimate Care has formed a protective, flexible layer on the fibres that prevents them from rubbing together in the wash. Now your clothes can look smoother and newer for longer.  


*Excluding cap and spout​ **Remove sleeve to recycle​ *** based on Ultra concentrated volumes for 2019