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What is Flax Fabric?

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What even is flax, and should you be bothered? The answer is... yes! Learn why, here.

Flax linen, flax fabric, linen made from flax… These terms are used so interchangeably, it’s no wonder there’s often confusion around the subject. But the truth is that there is a difference between linen and flax, and we’re going to tell you all about it!

This article is going to address all your questions about the fabric made from flax, like what flax even is, ‘is flax linen soft,’ and how to properly care for the material. If you thought you loved cloth made of flax before, you’re about to have an entirely new appreciation for this textile.

What does flax mean?

First thing’s first: What does flax even mean? Flax is the plant in which linen comes from. The fibres are extracted from the seeds and stem to create the beautiful flax linen clothing that we all know and love. In addition to cloth made of flax, there are also many medicines, gels, soaps, and other products made from this plant. 

What is flax linen clothing?

The difference between linen and flax is simple: Flax is the plant and linen is the fabric made of flax. The fibres from the plant are processed and turned into flax linen to make beautiful clothing items, bedding, and other home décor items.

Is flax linen soft? Absolutely! Flax linen is soft and breathable, but also very strong and durable. Not to mention, it’s an incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric. [1]

How to care for fabric made of flax

A special fabric like flax cloth deserves special care. The good news is that linen is actually quite easy to care for!


Always check the care label! If it’s hand washable, use cool or lukewarm water and add a gentle detergent. If you have embroidered linens or any linen pieces with lace, it’s best to hand wash them. Consider finishing the wash with Comfort Intense Fresh Sky Laundry Conditioner Liquid to leave clothes softer, smoother, and less wrinkled. If it’s machine washable, use a gentle cycle and wash according to the care label for everyday linen garments.


You can then choose between air drying your fabric or drying in the machine on a low temperature. Again, check that label and follow those care instructions! If you’re going to iron your flax linen, be sure to do so while it’s still damp! For more information on how to care for your linen, check out this article!

Treasure your flax linen!

You now know all about the wonder cloth made of flax and why it’s so desirable. Whether it be a clothing item, homeware, or bedding, rest assured that with proper care, your flax linen is here to stay. Easy things to remember when caring for flax fabric:

  • Select the gentle cycle in the washing machine

  • Always check the care label of your flax linen for washing instructions

  • It is advisable not to fold flax linen clothing so as to avoid marks and creases in the fabric

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