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A Guide On The Best Way To Store Clothes

Caring for your clothes in all seasons.

You’ve got a big event coming up. You’ve planned your outfit in your head. You go to your dresser to pull out that killer piece that will tie your entire look together and… it’s not in a great way.

Here’s how to store your clothes and make sure that your wardrobe is always 100% ready to go!

How to store clothes, hassle-free

So, how do you keep clothes fresh in storage? Here are some useful tips and tricks!

1. First, make sure to buy durable, long-lasting clothes. Fabrics such as cotton and wool are able to stand a period of being folded or kept in drawers or boxes. Invest in good quality clothes that are made to last.

2. Storing winter clothes or storing summer clothes? Either way, it’s important to wash and dry them thoroughly before putting them away. Try Comfort’s Creations range for the long-lasting, gorgeous scent it leaves on your clothes.

3. Make sure to have appropriate storage containers when storing clothes. Go for airtight containers that will prevent moths or other nasties getting in and wreaking havoc.

4. If you have the facilities, consider vacuum packing clothes. This is a fancy technique where you suck out all the air from a storage bag, meaning the things inside stay as fresh as new. Keep those clothes from creasing by not overpacking your vacuum bags – and push all of the air out of your bag before vacuum sealing it.

Folding clothes technique

Has the weather taken a turn? Do you need that thick winter jumper to tie together your chilly summer’s evening outfit? Knowing how to fold a jumper or sweater will help you keep them looking their best. Here’s a quick way to fold your clothes that’ll mean they’re beautifully fresh for whenever you need them.

1. Lay the jumper (face down if you want the pattern to show when it’s folded) with the sleeves extended.

2. Fold the arms of your jumper across the back so they overlap.

3. Lift the right side of the jumper and fold it inwards so the shoulder of the jumper is in the centre. Then, do the same on the other side.

4. Fold your jumper so that the bottom of it sits against the neck of the jumper.

Hanging heavy jumpers will make them lose their shape. So, don’t ruin your beloved clothes – fold them!

Remember clothing care is self-care, so the best way to store clothes is with a lot of consideration and a little bit of love.