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What Does Fabric Conditioner Do?

How does fabric conditioner work to give your clothes a longer life?

What is fabric conditioner and is it really necessary? If you want to make your cherished clothes last that bit longer, then the answer is yes. For a little extra oomph in your wardrobe, just add fabric conditioner!

It’s not a boring afterthought at laundry time – it will make your clothes pop, breathe, and shout about your style.

What is fabric conditioner?

You might be thinking: is there a difference between fabric softener and conditioner? Fabric conditioner and fabric softener are two phrases for the same thing: a magical product which protects the fibres of your clothes and makes them look, smell, and feel fantastic. 

We prefer ‘fabric conditioner’ because softening the fabric is just one part of caring for your clothes – and there’s a lot more to it than that.

What does fabric conditioner do?

Is fabric conditioner necessary? If you’re asking this, then you’re in the right place. Fabric conditioner is more than adding fragrance and softness to your clothes. It’s about adding life to your clothes! Here are some of the benefits of fabric conditioner versus using just detergent:

  • Long lasting clothes.

    Smooth fibres mean less friction in the wash. Less friction = less wear and tear.

  • Helps to retain their shape.

    Don’t let your favourite t-shirt become a crop top!

  • Helps protect against colour fading.

    Keep your clothes the colour they were when you fell in love with them.

  • Softer clothes. Amazing softness even for sensitive skin!

    Comfort’s Pure range is dermatologically tested, so every drop is a tiny dose of love.

  • Added protection against bobbling.

    No more picking bits off your jumpers; fabric conditioner keeps your clothes looking brand new.

  • Fast drying.

    No need to wait for ages for your favourite outfit to dry.

  • Easier to iron.

    Look sharp 24/7.

  • Freshly scented.

    Comfort’s fragrances keep your clothes smelling amazing.

Plus, fabric conditioner could add life to more than your clothes. Our study found that the clothes we wear are directly linked to our sense of wellbeing. People who wore a jumper that’d been treated with Comfort fabric conditioner reported higher levels of confidence and happiness than those that wore an untreated jumper.[1] Bear that in mind next time you want to go out and make an entrance!

Fabric conditioner changes the way you think about clothes. No more wonky t-shirts or coarse jumpers. Just you, your clothes, and however you want to express yourself. Long live clothes!

[1] Comfort white paper. Scott, M. J. & Rieley, H. (2018). The impact of look, feel and smell on the wearer’s emotional state. Science & Technology Internal Report, UL 20180214, Unilever R&D.