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Woman smiling in lace

Types of Lace

There are many types of lace to choose from. Discover more about this elegant, versatile textile.

Lace is an ornamental textile that has been around for ages in the form of wedding gowns, table clothes, curtains, and so much more. And there’s a reason why this material has created such a hype for itself over the centuries. Lace is extremely lightweight, comfortable, and graceful, giving just about any garment an elegant touch.

What some people may not know is that there are many different types of lace. And between all the types of French lace out there, the different types of lace frontals, and the different types of lace closures, it’s easy to get confused.

That’s why we’re going to talk all about the most popular types of lace fabric and how to take care of them!

The 5 different types of lace

While the different types of lace fabric may look equally as stunning, each one boasts a unique weave and design. Take a look at some of today’s main types of lace with pictures: [1]

1. Chantilly lace: This classic lace fabric is very lightweight and is typically found in floral patterns, making it ideal for bridal gowns. This type of French lace is named after the city Chantilly in France.

2. Guipure lace: This is a heavier kind of lace that features a raised design. It’s one of the few different types of lace fabric that you can find in jackets and outerwear, as well as dresses, blouses, and skirts.

3. Lyon lace: Made of pure cotton, Lyon lace has a very intricate pattern and is often a go-to for wedding gowns.

4. Corded lace: Originally made in Northern France, corded lace boasts an almost three-dimensional look. This is one of the different types of laces used in garments like gowns or even as overlay material.

5. Embroidered lace: The embroidered lace includes many sequins, beads, crystals, and ribbons for a very festive fabric. It’s most commonly found in evening wear, like bridal gowns. It is usually used on DIY projects to give old clothes that extra touch!

Different types of lace frontals

Another common use for this versatile fabric is lace frontals. Lace frontals are the hairpieces that help create a more natural look for wigs and hair extensions. There are a few different types of lace fronts to choose from to give hairlines a very natural look: the 13x4 lace frontal, the 13x6, and the 360 lace frontal. This lace hair piece allows for flexibility to style hair differently in a way that looks very natural. [2] 

Different types of lace closures

Lace closures are items used to close off a wig. They typically last longer than a frontal piece and require very little maintenance. The different types of lace closures include the three-part, free part, and middle part, all of which vary in style. [2]

Taking care of different types of lace fabric

Now that you know more about the different types of lace and their uses, you’re probably wondering how to care for this amazing textile. Keep in mind that lace is more delicate than some other fabrics; if not washed following the care instructions and on the delicate cycle, it can become damaged in the machine-wash. Using Comfort will help protect lace garments from shrinkage, ensuring that with proper care, you can trust that lace will last for many years to come.

Given its netlike weave, it’s always best to play it safe and hand wash the different types of lace fabric:

  1. Fill a bucket with cool water and choose a mild detergent.

  2. Be sure not to scrub too hard, as this could harm the delicate fibres.

  3. Consider adding a bit of Comfort Intense Fresh Sky Laundry Conditioner Liquid to give your lace an extra splash of freshness.

  4. Rinse your lace garment, gently squeeze the remove excess water, and lay the item flat to dry.

Lace up with all types of lace!

Now that you’ve looked over the different types of lace with pictures, you’re probably ready to go get yourself more of this fabulous textile. We don’t blame you!

Whether it be browsing different types of laces used in garments for formal attire or considering the different types of lace fronts for hair styling, this fabric knows no limits. Enjoy lace for a more breathable, versatile, and elegant look, both in your home and out.