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Be Timeless in These Wardrobe Staples

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Take care of the classic items on our capsule wardrobe list.

Items that everyone should have

Breaking the fast fashion cycle is easy! Choose some wardrobe staples from our capsule wardrobe checklist and rock your look with our long-lasting fashion essentials. Just say NO to wasteful fast fashion, and YES to wearing the same clothes for longer!

Wardrobe essentials vs. fast fashion

Fast fashion makes us buy and throw away clothes in a manic cycle. Like a diet full of sugar, it’s fun for a minute, but then leaves us feeling unsatisfied. Right now, clothes barely settle in our wardrobes between coming from a factory and then going in the bin when we’ve tired of them.

We throw clothes away because we don’t like them. 1980s revival neon was fun while it lasted, but bright yellow tutus are not wardrobe staples (for most of us!).

Let’s start loving our clothes again! Choose well-made fashion essentials that won’t go out of style, and care for them lovingly so that each piece can become an all-time favourite. Stick to a capsule wardrobe list and use good clothes care products to extend the life of your clothes. You’ll help save the planet whilst also saving yourself a bit of money.

Capsule wardrobe checklist

These wardrobe staples will take you effortlessly through the years:

1. Everyday jeans. A wardrobe essential: find a pair that fits you and your style perfectly.

2. The ultimate jumper. Though it’s an outer layer, the perfect jumper can be the piece closest to our hearts.

3. A black number. An iconic little black dress or a sharp jacket: whatever your look, choose a piece you can work on any formal occasion.

4. A pop of colour. Wardrobe staples don’t have to be boring. Choose a couple of items in a colour you love to add a burst of brilliance. Or be bold and try a classic in a new colour.

Taking care of your wardrobe’s staple pieces

It’s time to love your clothes, whether they’re looking great on you or sitting at the bottom of your wash basket.

Keep your clothes looking fabulous with some gentle clothes care. Washing with fabric conditioner keeps your clothes from fading, bobbling, becoming misshapen, yellowing, or becoming coarse and rough. The lower the amount of stress your clothes go through, the longer they’ll last!

It’d also a good idea to keep your clothes hung up to reduce creases – but keep your jumpers folded as hanging them will stretch and strain them.

Clothes are more than just things you wear; they’re statements about who you are. Give them the care they deserve.