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How to

Effortlessly simple to use
1. Pull the tab and twist the spout
2. Remove the plug
3. Pour


  • Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner, Ultra Concentrated

  • New Packaging with 75% Less Plastic

  • Fabric Softener For Sensitive Skin


This new Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner is packaged in cardboard, using 75% less plastic*. Simply peel back the cardboard tab on the top of the box, pull and twist the spout and remove the plug to begin pouring your conditioner.

The ultra concentrated formula means you can use a smaller dose, with only 15ml per wash needed to protect your clothes and leave them incredibly soft. Pro-Fibre Technology forms a flexible network around fabric fibres to prevent shrinking and maintain colour vibrancy for longer.

New Comfort Packaging
Gentle, incredible softness and now less plastic
Ultra concentrated formula
75% less plastic*
200 washes
15ml per wash
*Based on plastic per wash vs Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated 78 washes
Comfort is the original fabric conditioner and has been caring for clothes for almost 50 years.
fragrance icon
100 days of fragrance
helps to protect fibres
helps to protect fibres
Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner 
Bag in a box
Number 1 for sensitive skin in the UK
British Skin Foundation accredited
Incredible Softness from a tiny dose
Kinder to our planet