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Getting your clothes care right is easy thanks to Comfort’s clothes care products and their clothing care tips!

Comfort Vaporesse ironing water transforms the experience of ironing. It makes it easier to glide your iron over stubborn wrinkles and creases when compared to using no water. The result? A smooth ironing experience and beautifully sharp clothes. To use: pour directly into the water reservoir of your steam iron.

This scented water for steam irons gives your ironing load an all-round luxury result, complementing the scent of your washing detergent and fabric conditioner. You will smell and feel great, as well as looking ultra-fresh. It’s the perfect addition to your clothes care routine.

Help prevent damage to your iron and help protect your clothes. Your ironing equipment will produce an amazing result on your clothes every time, with a reduced chance of leaving any marks on your clothes once you’re done. 

Before first time use: de-scale your iron (following the iron manufacturer's instructions) to avoid limescale deposits. 

Your clothing can be even more comfortable. Using Comfort ironing water in your ironing can help reduce static and prevent uncomfortable sticking and static sensations.