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Comfort Intense Perfume pearls are in-wash scent boosters that bring epic fragrance to your clothes.

Get an extra epic burst of freshness during your day. Comfort Intense Perfume Pearls are fragrance boosters that are concentrated to give you a fresh and fragrant wardrobe. You’ll love how wearing your everyday clothes becomes an incredible experience.

To experience a boost of fragrance like never before, use Comfort Intense Perfume Pearls alongside Comfort Intense. These concentrated perfume pearls slowly dissolve during the wash and infuse the fibres of your clothes to deliver an extra burst of fragrance than using just fabric conditioner.

Add Comfort Intense Perfume Pearls to your wash. With Comfort Perfume Pearls there’s no correct dose – simply place concentrated perfume pearls into the drum of your machine at the start of your wash before adding your laundry. Choose your own level of fragrance by adding as many scented fragrance perfume pearls as you like.