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Girl with blue T-shirt.

Fabric conditioners

Help your clothes look, smell & feel amazing again with Comfort fabric conditioners. Try Comfort Intense fabric conditioners.

Comfort fabric conditioner helps makes your clothes as incredible as you are. Whatever your look, wear it bright, soft and fresh with our range of Comfort fabric conditioners. 

The 3-dimension formula of Comfort fabric conditioner helps keep your clothes looking, smelling and feeling awesome. Using a Comfort fabric conditioner in your laundry helps your clothes stay beautiful wash after wash – it’ll help keep your clothes bright and vibrant. Clothes are easier to iron when compared to using just detergent.

Just like all Comfort conditioners, the Comfort Intense fabric conditioner range helps to keep them bright and soft. Comfort Intense gives your clothes an amazing fragrance in a concentrated format. Each drop has even more vibrance, so you get more washes out of a single bottle. This concentrated fabric conditioner delivers a long-lasting fragrance: the fresh feeling of newly washed clothes.

Comfort Creations fabric conditioners are inspired by the precious scents found in nature. With the help of perfume experts, we create incredible new scents for your clothes: combinations like Cherry Blossom & Sweet Pea or Blueberry & Jasmine. As well as being fragrant, your clothes are left soft and easy to iron when compared to using just a detergent.