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Stay fresh without washing. Use Comfort Refresh Dry Wash Spray to help revitalise your clothes between washes.

There are only three simple steps to refreshing your clothes without washing!

  1. Lay your garment on a flat surface like a bed, then spray Comfort Dry Wash from 20cm away.
  2. Tug and sooth the garment with your hands to release any creases.
  3. Quick dry mist - fresh and ready to re-wear!

Comfort Refresh Dry Wash is specially formulated for most fabrics, but it is not suitable for use on vinyl, silk, suede or leather. It can be used on dry-clean only items. However, if in doubt, always try in a hidden area first.

Refreshing your clothes with Comfort Dry Wash means you can wash your clothes less frequently and avoid excessive washing. Less washing = longer lasting clothes and less clothes waste. Plus, each bottle of Comfort Refresh Dry Wash can save a full load of washing, which is about 60 litres of water.

Air-o-sol bottle Comfort Refresh uses an Air-o-sol instead a traditional bottle so that it’s dispersed through the power of air. This means that when you spray Comfort Refresh, no additional CO2 or greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, this technology means that the bottle cannot be recycled through the mainstream recycling facilities.