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Daily care products

Use Comfort on your clothes daily. From Comfort Intense to ironing water to Comfort Blue Skies, it's time to take your laundry routine to the next level. Comfort fabric conditioner and laundry products are specially designed to care for all your clothes the best way. Every day. 

Everyday actions can make a big difference to the life expectancy of your wardrobe. It’s important to use the right clothes care products and wash each item according to its care label.

Using a fabric conditioner in the wash is an easy way to make a huge change to fabric care and the maintenance of your clothes.


Using Comfort fabric conditioners compared to using just detergent:

  • Smooths the fibres of your clothes, reducing friction in the washing machine, which is a leading cause of wear and tear.
  • Helps to make clothes easier to iron, which means less time on the ironing board and a lower risk of singeing or uneven ironing.
  • Gives your clothes a long-lasting and unforgettable fresh scent.
  • Helps to prevent your clothes from bobbling or becoming coarse, so you can feel more comfortable in your clothes.

Comfort Vaporesse ironing water makes ironing quicker and easier when compared to using no water – so you won’t have to worry as much about ironing damages.