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Comfort Intense Lavender Rush Fabric Conditioner 900ml 60 wash

Comfort Intense Lavender Rush Fabric Conditioner 60 wash

Available in:

900ml, 60 wash


Your clothes have the power to change how you feel, so it’s important to give them the best possible life. With Comfort Intense Lavender Rush Fabric Conditioner, your clothes will look, smell, and feel incredible wash after wash. Inspired by the sweet, invigorating smell of lavender, this ultra-concentrated fabric conditioner contains Comfort’s special technology that releases long-lasting fragrance. You won’t be able to stop loving your clothes after using this Comfort lavender fabric conditioner.

Comfort believes in the positive power of clothes and regularly using Comfort Intense fabric conditioner helps clothes keep their shape, texture, and colour – making ironing easier. Now with a more sustainable pack, each bottle of this ultra-concentrated lavender fabric softener is made of 100% recycled plastic* to help you go green too.


• Pour half a cap of Comfort Intense Lavender Rush Fabric Conditioner into the fabric conditioner compartment of your washing machine drawer (refer to back of pack for instructions).
• Run your washing machine on its normal cycle and wait for the magic to happen.
• For best results and long-lasting clothes, use Comfort Intense alongside your favourite laundry detergent.
• Never add Comfort liquid directly to your clothes.


• Release intense freshness with every drop of ultra-concentrated Comfort liquid. • Save 34% plastic, water saving of 50% and 20% less greenhouse gases compared to Comfort Blue Skies. • Help to keep the shape, texture and colour of your clothes. • Leave your clothes feeling irresistibly soft and smelling floral and fresh. • Go green with completely recyclable bottle made from 100% recycled plastic*. • Unleash the positive power of your clothes with just half a cap of this ultra-concentrated lavender fabric conditioner in each wash. *excluding cap and spout