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Comfort Creations Cherryblossom & Sweetpea Limited Edition Fabric Conditioner 1.16L

Comfort Creations Cherryblossom & Sweetpea Fabric Conditioner 1-16L

Available in:

1,16 L


Open up your senses to a delightful world of fragrance with Comfort Creations Frosted Pine & Apple limited edition Fabric Conditioner 1.16L. With a gorgeous Christmas scent handpicked by perfume experts, it provides you with 100% more fragrance in every drop. As well as locking in lasting freshness and fabulous fragrance into every wash, our range of Comfort Creations laundry conditioners add super softness to your favorite clothes. Used regularly, they work wonders on fabrics, promoting faster drying and even smoothing fibres for easy ironing. How to use: Pour a 35ml dose straight into the correct compartment of your washing machine drawer along with your favorite laundry detergent for lasting freshness. Do not pour washing conditioner directly on to fabrics. Choose the right wash setting and let your machine take care of the rest, as it releases the Frosted Pine & Apple fabric softner during the final rinse cycle. Use Comfort Conditioner in every wash to maintain garment colour and keep your family’s clothes looking and feeling soft. With ingredients chosen and blended by perfume experts, the Comfort Creations collection will infuse your clothes with an unforgettable long-lasting fragrance that follows you throughout the day. Comfort Creations comes in a range of outstanding fragrances including Honeysuckle & Sandalwood and Strawberry & Lily. Use alongside your clothes detergent for best results. Versus Concentrated Comfort Pure.


• Blended by perfume experts, Comfort Creations Limited Edition Fabric Conditioner 1.16L contains fantastic fragrances made to delight your senses • Each wash locks in a luscious Frosted Pine & Apple scent, giving you 100% more fragrance in every drop •Use Softener alongside laundry detergent in every wash to give clothes super softness and lasting freshness •Fabric Softener works wonders on fabric fibers making them perfect for easy ironing •Comfort fabric conditioner helps maintain colour and shine to help clothes stay looking their best for longer •One of a range of outstanding fragrances in the Comfort Creations family