Concentrated fabric conditioner vs. non-concentrated: What’s the difference?

If you’ve noticed concentrated fabric conditioners popping up more in the supermarket, you may be wondering what sets them apart from the traditional varieties.

Use this guide to find out what concentrates are and how to use them, plus the difference between concentrated vs. regular softeners.

First: What does Fabric Softener Do?

Fabric softener – also known as fabric conditioner – can be added to your clothes wash to provide extra garment care. Softeners like Comfort smooth clothing fibres, giving your clothes a rich softness after washing. Clothes are more fragrant, retain colour for longer and are easier to iron after being treated to a softener.

Concentrated Fabric Conditioner vs. Regular Fabric Conditioner

Simply put, concentrated fabric conditioner uses less water than a regular fabric softener. Comfort’s range of concentrated fabric softeners still take care of your clothes the same way, but they are made with less water and therefore don’t require as much packaging per wash.

This means we can add more of our softening and perfume ingredients to the formula – we’ve found you can use less (compared to a dilute), while getting the same great results.

The Advantages of Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Comfort’s concentrated fabric conditioners might be small, but they still work wonders. Less packaging makes Comfort easier to carry, and helps reduce each product’s carbon footprint.

Best of all, it’s usually a more economical choice, as you can use less concentrate to get the same high-performance, great-smelling washing results. How brilliant is that?

How to Use Fabric Softener

One of the main benefits of Comfort’s concentrated fabric conditioners is that you can use less liquid in each wash. The amount you’ll need to use will depend on how hard or soft the water is in your area, and the size of your wash load.

To get the most out of your concentrated fabric conditioner, always check the back of the bottle for advice on exactly how much you should be using.