How To Save Water When Washing Your Clothes

Want to save water on your clothes wash? 

As washing machines have become more water-efficient, it’s become easier to reduce your laundry’s environmental impact. Try to use a water-saving washing machine and follow these other tricks and tips to cut water usage on every load... 

How to Run a More Water-Efficient Washing Machine

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1. Check your Washing Machine Water Usage

Your washing machine should have an energy efficiency label. Check the water consumption section to understand how efficient your machine is. The lower the litres of water used per kilogram, the more efficient it is. Water usage per kilogram ranges between 6-14 litres in typical machines.

You can also check the label to see the average litres of water consumed per household, per year. If you’re shopping around for a new washer, use this information to choose a machine that consumes less water. When checking labels, you’ll find information relating to water usage at the bottom. Don’t be misled by the ‘efficiency’ bar chart at the top rating the machine from A-D, as this only relates to electricity usage.


2. Only Wash Full Loads

Once you’ve checked the overall efficiency of your washer, you can do more to cut water-usage. First, try to only wash full loads. Some older washing machines can’t tell how many garments you put in the drum and end up using the same amount of water it would for a full load of laundry. Modern, water-saving washing machines will have short or half load cycles as standard – use these if you often wash smaller loads.


3. Wash Clothes on Cottons Instead of Synthetics

Save further on washing machine water consumption by running a cotton wash instead of a synthetics cycle. The synthetics cycle on your machine uses a large amount of water to help stop clothes creasing. Use Comfort to counteract this: adding fabric conditioner to your cottons wash will make your clothes softer and easier to iron once dried.

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4. Wash Clothes by Hand

Hand washing your clothes is one of the easiest ways to save water whilst doing your laundry. It might take a little more time than the washing machine, but you’ll use much less water than a full washing cycle. It’s also a brilliant way to clean smaller garments or more delicate fabrics that need an extra level of care.