How to remove pills from sweaters and other clothes

Is your favourite sweater covered in pills (also known as bobbles)?

Do you find yourself picking pills off of your clothes during any free moment?

Pilling can be frustrating, so here’s our step-by-step guide on how to remove pilling with a little help from a great-smelling fabric conditioner…

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What is Pilling?

Pilling is when little “bobbles” or “pills” appear on your clothes after a wash. It’s often caused by friction, either from rough washing cycles or abrasive detergents.

You can help reduce pilling by hand-washing your garments or running them on a delicate cycle, and by using Comfort fabric softener.

How to Get Rid of Pills on Clothes

1. Check your labels

The first step to reducing pilling is to check clothing labels to create a wardrobe that’s less susceptible to pilling. For example, pilling occurs more frequently on clothing made out of polyester or polyester blends. Buy clothing made from natural materials, like cotton or wool, if you don’t want to deal with pilling.

2. Remove the pills yourself

One easy way to remove pilling is to use sticky tape, which usually pulls the bobbles right off the fabric without damaging the fibres. Electric pillers or fabric shavers can also work wonders when it comes to getting rid of pilling. You’ll find these in any sewing shop, and they’re a quick way to perk up your clothing.

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3. Wash smarter

Another option if you want to figure out how to reduce pilling on clothes is to turn your clothes inside-out before you wash them. The washing machine’s motion is often the reason why pilling occurs. Try turning your clothes inside out when washing to avoid the pilling occurring on the outside of the garment.

4. Dry carefully

Pilling often occurs when a full load of garments rub against each other in the tumble dryer, so where possible hang your clothes out to dry. If you must use the dryer, put it on the lowest heat and time cycle.

5. Use softener

A good fabric softener will reduce bobble-causing friction during a wash. Softeners like the Comfort Creations range work by coating clothes in a thin, protective layer of lubricant, which helps prevent pilling by making fibres feel smoother and preventing static electricity build-up.

Comfort Creations’ expertly blended fragrances like Honeysuckle and Sandalwood will make your clothes smell fantastic, as well as last for longer. You can reduce pilling today by following the steps above, and using Comfort in your next wash.