The Comfort story

Comfort was the UK’s first fabric conditioner. It launched in 1969, the same year that man first walked on the moon. Our mission was to take on rough clothes and show the world how much softer life could be once people felt the difference that using fabric conditioner made to their laundry. Comfort became a must-buy item and a household name.

Fibre Fatigue

The love for softer laundry rapidly spread from Brazil to Australia, South Africa and beyond. Today people all over the world say that Comfort reminds them of their childhood, because their mums used it in the wash.

Mother Love

The 1980s saw a surge in fragranced fabric conditioners. While softness remained a priority, people also wanted something that would make their laundry smell fresh. Keen to offer them more, we started exploring other in-wash benefits like anti-static, ease of ironing and concentrated products. In South East Asia, the antibacterial range proved to be a big hit because of the sultry weather.


In our quest to offer you a choice of fragrances, we’ve used essential oils and worked with perfume experts to create memorable combinations. We continue to experiment with new technology so that these scents smell just as delightful from the moment you open the bottle to when you’re wearing clothes. In 2007, our Comfort Concentrates range was relaunched with a formula that releases bursts of freshness.

Maintaining a strong identity for the Comfort brand has always been important to us, so in 2001 we introduced Clothworld, a land inhabited by beings made of fabric. Designed by Aardman – the creators of Wallace and Gromit – the health and beauty desires of our first characters, teen lovers Darren and Lisa, were quickly embraced across Europe. In Asia, romance blossomed between ‘beautiful couple’ model Lily and rock star Andy.

Darren Lisa

The adventures of the much loved Comfee Family united all our markets and products with Mum and Dad bonding over Comfort Creations in Paris and anti-bacterial Comfort giving Mum a helping hand with mischievous twins Billy and Bobby.

Fast Dry Kiss


Comfort Creations

Dose Of Love

We’ve been loving clothes for almost 50 years and during this time we’ve learned a lot. Most importantly, when clothes are cared for, they make us feel positive and happy. That's why softness and long lasting freshness will always stand at the heart of every Comfort product.

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